Essay on Why I want to become JYEP Animator

I want to become an JYEP Animator. Here the essay is given below. First we will know the full form of JYEP.

What is the full form of JYEP?

The full form of JYEP is Junior Youth Empowerment Program. 

Essay on why I want to become JYEP Animator


The JYEP is a comprehensive educational program designed for junior youth aged 12 to 15. The JYEP equips junior youth with a profound understanding of their own potential and empowers them to engage in acts of service to the community. Rationale Junior youth are in a period where many changes are occurring in their lives. Junior youth are very susceptible to influences from the world around them: advertising, music, television, movies, other media, and peers. They need to be helped to overcome the negative aspects of their environment.


Junior youth like to belong to and work in peer groups without the fear of being ridiculed. 

They are energetic and like to contribute to the common good.

They are inquisitive and have a thirst for knowledge.

They have potentialities and capacities which are often not recognized and developed.

Why I want to become JYEP Animator?

There are 3 main objectives to become JYEP animator. These are

 1. To enhance their power of expression

 2. To develop the ability to make positive decisions

 3. To engage in acts of service to the community

1. Enhance the Power of Expression

The JYEP empowers junior youth by enabling them to positively express themselves with precision

and clarity. The JYEP improves the junior youths’ abilities in the following areas:

 • Literacy and vocabulary

 • Reading and writing

 • Comprehension

 • Ability to give presentations

 • Artistic expression

 • Critical thinking

2. Capability to Make Positive Decisions

The JYEP empowers junior youth by giving them the analytical tools to understand the implications for choices that confront them everyday, and it enables them to express positive choices through speech and action: 

 • Complex situations are analyzed in the texts

 • Method of action-reflection is used

3. Enhance the Capacities for Service

The JYEP empowers junior youth to actively participate in the transformation of their neighborhood and community.

The JYEP utilizes service to enable these young people to realize their capacities to the fullest and use them for the benefit of themselves and others.

Examples of Acts of Service

  • Beautifying the Neighborhood
  • Teaching children virtues through songs, stories, and games
  • Serving the elderly Community performances 

The Role of Animators:

• creates an environment where the junior youth can express questions and doubts, and investigate things.

• is a co-learner, sharing his experiences and knowledge in an unassuming way.

• creates an atmosphere of friends who learn, serve, and have fun together.

• Animators undergo formal training, work in pairs, and receive safety checks.


Five books are currently in use for study by the junior youth groups:

• Breezes of Confirmation and Glimmerings of Hope for 12 year olds

• Walking the Straight Path and Learning About Excellence for 13 year olds

• Drawing on the Power of the Word for 14 year olds.

The content of the material is simple yet profound. Far from preaching to junior youth on how they should be, these books help them discover moral and spiritual realities for themselves, assisted by animators.


Empowerment of junior youth results when:

  •  They understand their own capacities to make a difference.
  •  They have the qualities, attitudes, insights and knowledge to consistently make, and confidently express, positive decisions despite social pressures.


The program is effective when in place for three years, until the junior youth turn 15. There is a critical window of opportunity between the ages of 12 and 15, before a person’s concepts and attitudes  crystallize. Family support is essential to the success of the program. Animators welcome and encourage family participation. 

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