AM PM Full Form

 *A. M.  &  P. M. ?*

All these days, we were made to believe that, the terms A.M. and P.M. stands for:

AM PM Full Form

▪A.M.  =   *ante meridian*

▪P.M.  =    *post meridian*

(ante of what ?)  and  (post of what ? )  never clarified ... !!!

(what = the subject himself is missing)

Now our *ancient Sanskrit texts have blown off the ambiguity and the things are now Crystal clear*

Just take a look:-

▪A.M. =  *Aarohanam Marthandasya*

▪P.M.  =  *Pathanam Marthandasya*


The *‘Sun’* who is vital to the calculation remains un-mentioned. This is unthinkable and unjustifiable. That lacuna arises because it is not realized that the letters *A.M. and P.M. are the initials of the hoary Sanskrit* expressions (आरोहणम् मार्तडस्य्) Arohanam Martandasaya *(i.e. the climbing of the sun)* and (पतनम् मार्तडस्य्) Patanam Martandasaya *(i.e. the decline of the sun).*

Are  We  Clear at least now ......??

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