Logical Reasoning Question Answers for Class 9

When you are preparing for Logical reasoning for any of the class, then you may be start from scratch. The first chapter in Logical reasoning is Series. Here all the details related to series completion in Logical Reasoning.

What is Series Completion?

A series is made up of alphabetical letters or numerals or combination of both. It may have one or more terms missing, one term wrong etc. You have to search out the missing term or terms. You also need to identify the wrong term in the question. The four options are given in the question. And you have to find out the wrong option.

Types of Series Completion Question

There are basically 2 types of series completion questions. You will have to find the missing term or you may have to find the wrong term. We have explain both of terms with full explanation.

Type 1 - How to Find Out Missing Term or Terms

In these type of questions, A series is given in the question. There is one or more term is missing in the question. The missing term is specify with a question mark (?). Some rules are given below. You can easily find the missing series with the help of given rules. All the questions will not have the same rule. You will have to identify the rule. Every question can have a different rule.

Question 1 - Find out the missing term marked with question mark (?) in the following series


A) - abcabc

B) - abbcca

C) - ccbbaa

D) - aabbcc

Rule - The complete given series have a pattern of repeating bca.

Answer is C


Type 2 - How to find out the wrong term?

These questions have a whole series. But term or terms are given wrong in the series. You have to find that wrong term using the specific rule for the series.

Find the wrong term in the given series.


Answer - D

Rule - 1st letter in the series - A, B, C, D, E

2nd Letters : B, C, D, E, F

3rd letters : Z, Y, X, W, V

We can say that the wrong term is EFW

DEW should come in place of EFW.

Blood Relations

Blood relations are the relations between mother, father, son, daughter, grandchild, brother, sister, maternal brother, maternal relations.

There are relatives on mother's side and father's side. The mother's sister is known as maternal aunt. The mother's brother is called maternal uncle.

There are relatives on father's side. The father's side relations are known as paternal relations. Father's sister is called paternal aunt. Father's brother is known as paternal uncle.

If in the question, it is not specified as paternal or maternal, then the relation will be known as paternal.

Question 1 - A photograph is hanged on the wall. Radha is pointing to a photograph. He is the brother of my mother's husband. What is the relation of that person in the photograph with Radha.

Option A - Niece

Option B - Brother-in-law

Option C - Uncle

Option D - Cousin

Answer - Uncle

Explanation - The photograph is of the brother of Radha's Father. Radha's father brother will be Radha's paternal uncle.

Question 2 - A woman is pointing to a man. The woman says that he is the father of the only grandson of my mother-in-law. How is the man related to the woman.

Option A - Husband

Option B - Son

Option C - Grandfather

Option D - Brother

Answer - Option (A)Husband

Explanation - The grandson of her mother-in-law will be her own son. So the father of her son will be the husband of that woman who is pointing to the man.

Question 3 - Prisha is pointing to Malini. Prisha says that Malini is the daughter of only son of my grandfather. What is the relation between Prisha and Malini.

Option A - Niece

Option B - Sister

Option C - mother

Option D - Aunt

Answer - Option (B) Sister

Explanation - Prisha is speaking in this question. Prisha's grandfather's son is the father of Prisha. Then the daughter of Prisha's father will be her sister. So Malini and Prisha are sisters.

Question 4 - A theatre has six performing ladies consisting of four dancers, two singers, one actress and three guitarist. Sangeeta and Nikita are among the guitarist while Shreya and Shelly don't know how to play guitar. Shelly and Jiya are the singers. Shreya, Shelly, Nikita and Jiya are the dancers. Priya is an actress.

Who is the dancer, singer and guitarist among these ladies?

Option A- Jiya

Option B - Shreya

Option C- Nikita

Option D -Shelly

Answer - Option A is the answer. Jiya

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