"Redirurl.ru" Website Review


"Redirurl.ru" website reviews- We have reviewed the website "Redirurl.ru" thoroughlly and we find that "Redirurl.ru" is totally untrusted.   The domain is purchased recently on 16th November, 2021.  It will expire on 16th November, 22.

Domain creation date

11/16/2021 (Less than 6 months)

Domain Expiry Date

11/16/2022 (Less than 1 year left)

How we determine that "Redirurl.ru" website is fake and untrusted

Owner information and contact persone information is missing from the webste "Redirurl.ru".  When we try to find information with whois data then that was also hidden.  But its not a big deal.

The main reason for untrusted is microsoft.  When we scan website using the online tool, then it flag us "Redirurl.ru" untrusted.

Owner identification in the Whois The owner of the domain name is identified partially:Name/CompanyPostal addressPhoneMailCountry

Without the internet living is difficult and with the excess use of the internet, frauds are also rising. Here you will learn about the worst frauds. Users should be very careful about their online security because of a worrying trend, and the trend is online scams. If you landed on Redirurl.ru, then before considering it read this article and then decide is it safe for you or not.

In this post you will know why’s it’s so easy for scammers to steal our money.

Beware of Redirurl.ru! You might be a victim of this!

How online scams are done?

What are the types of online scam?

Online shopping fraud

Online shopping fraud is the most popular online fraud where the shopping scammers trick the shoppers into giving their money and precious data by attracting shoppers by attractive deals of unbelievable prices.

The Shoppers should double-check the shopping sites.

Shoppers can identify fraud websites that are designed by the scammers by checking the website discount, owners profile, policies, contact information, website logo, Whois details, website URL. Scam companies do not reveal their company details, policies, and owners ‘profile so check all these details before shopping from any website.

Bitcoin fraud

Bitcoin is the worst and biggest scam of all time. The bitcoin scammer takes advantage of users giving them free bitcoin giveaways. With the increasing popularity of bitcoin, fraudsters are taking advantage of this popularity by scamming users in the name of bitcoin.

Bitcoin fraudsters fool innocent by notifying them that for receiving free giveaways they have to give some money for registration.

Fraudster of bitcoin asks you to invest some amount so beware of them.

The scammer tells the false story to hide the reality like they may pretend to be from the user’s bank account and users trust their false story by sharing their details.

Romance fraud

The romance fraudster creates their false profile to gain the trust of people. If you are in search of finding Mrs. / Mr. Perfect for you on a dating site then, research carefully. In search of the right person you might fall victim to fraudsters so, please beware of romance fraud.

Romance fraudster narrates a fake story to gain romance website/app users trust so that they may fall into their sweet talks and share their private/personal information with them.

They will avoid you whenever you will try to connect with them.

They will not show you their presence in real; they will make you trust them by telling you that they live in another country and tell you to give them their traveling and other expenses.

Gaming scam

Gaming is an entertaining source for people of all ages, for their entertainment, they look up for gaming websites or applications so, the gaming fraudsters are taking advantage of this entertaining source by introduces fraud gaming applications and websites.

Do not click or download the link sent by the fraudster because by clicking or downloading such links they contain malware and your system will be infected by viruses.

Independently visit the gaming website and check whether the gaming website is fraudulent or real.

Customer service is a big deal try to check the contact information and contact the customer service team.

Earn money fraud:

Earn money fraud is the biggest fraud. Earn money fraudsters will notify you that you will earn money quickly and easily.

They will ask you to log in for earning money.

Without doing any they will promise to pay you money, this is a big sign of fraud.

Triple check the Url

Phishing scam:

The most common trending online scam is phishing. From your bank account, if you receive an email that asks you to log in account and update details or they provide a link that will redirect you to a relevant page, which email is not from your bank.

How you can avoid phishing fraud?

When you receive an email please check it twice.

Never click on the provided link.

Before clicking the link visit the site independently and then log in from there.

If you are unsure then, find the legitimate contact number and call the company


The online scam involves using the web to trick to users into giving away their data or money it takes a multitude of forms, from deceptive emails or links which trick users into paying amounts to the wrong bank account to the theft of credit card details.

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